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Cyclist after using laser hair removal, West Yorkshire

Medical conditions

There are many patients with excessive hair growth due to an underlying medical condition,  such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome  (PCOS),  or for whom its removal has become a necessary professional or lifestyle choice.

Sports people & bodybuilders

Competitive swimmers,  cyclists and aesthetic athletes,  including bodybuilders and gymnasts,  choose laser hair removal because of the long-lasting results acheivable without the scarring and skin damage associated with repetitive shaving,  waxing or chemical depilation.

Sexual re-assignment

Laser hair removal is now a part of the NHS' treatment regime for male to female sexual reassignment and is the ideal solution to unwanted hair growth amongst trans-gender patients,  especially prior to surgery.

Call us in complete confidence to discuss the treatment options available,  or email clinic@silkslaser and one of our professional clinicians will contact you to offer discrete and confidential advice.

Younger patients

Silks will only treat patients under the age of 13 years to address hair growth caused by an underlying medical condition,  never just for aesthetic reasons,  and will require a referral from the client's GP.

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