skin care for laser treatments

Applying post-treatment laser skin care

Pre-treatment care tips

For 30 days prior to a laser hair removal procedure you should avoid the use of sun-beds,  self tanning creams or spray tan and don't wax or pluck hair from the treatment areas.

Immediately after a treatment it is normal for the area to feel slightly warm or tender,  just as with a mild sunburn,  with local swelling or redness.

The use of Aloe Vera gel is recommended directly after treatment and for a few days if necessary.

Post treatment care tips

After any clinical laser or microdermabrasion procedure it is important that you follow the following simple post-treatment guidelines during the first 48 hours;

  • Avoid saunas and very hot baths or showers
  • Do not use perfumed products on the treated areas
  • Do not touch,  pick or scratch the treated areas
  • Avoid excessive exercise and perspiration

For the next 30 days you should avoid sunbeds or excessive exposure to strong sunlight,  and apply a sun protection factor of 30+ when outside.

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