laser fat & cellulite reduction

Slim waist illustrating laser liposuction; Bradford

How 'laser liposuction' works

This revolutionary,  completely non-invasive,  painless procedure uses light from special lasers to eliminate excess fat,  and cellulite,  in targeted areas.

Paddles emitting tuned wavelengths of light are placed on or over the areas to be treated.   The intense light energy penetrates the skin,  without harming the surface,  and targets the fatty tissue below,  causing fat cells to release their unwanted content into the body's lymphatic system.

Unlike surgical liposuction,  however,  no vacuum tubes are used to suction this liquified fat from the treated areas.   Instead,  it drains naturally from the interstitial space and is passed during the body's normal process of detoxification.

The application of extremely energetic laser light also causes increased collagen production at the treatment site,  creating a sculpting effect as the body completes its healing process,  tightening the skin and significantly reducing the appearance of cellulite.

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