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How laser hair removal works

A focused, high intensity light is applied to the surface of the skin via a hand-held wand.  This light energy travels through the skin, striking the hair shaft or root, where most of the hair's pigment (melanin) is concentrated.  Because the light is tuned to the colour of the melanin, it vaporises the hair shaft and damages the hair-producing papilla or follicle, leaving the skin unaffected.

Depending upon the differential between skin tone and hair colour, to achieve permanent removal it will be necessary to undergo a course of between 6 and 10 treatments, with at least 3 weeks between each initially, increasing as the follicles struggle to recover after successive exposures.

Special offers for Summer 2011!

Face:  Silks have a standing 'full face' offer of any two facial zones for just; £55 per 25 minute treatment on a course of 6.

Underarms:  The perfect solution for underarm hair removal, without the risk of damage associated with shaving and particularly popular with brides-to-be; £65 per 20 minute treatment on a course of 6.

Bikini line:  Far less traumatic than waxing, especially for those intent on a beach holiday!  A course of 6 is only £79 per 25 minute treatment.

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